9 Trending Photos On Social Media.

trendy challenges

People are fed up taking normal photos of themselves. They try new things like matching themselves with the background. There are many new photo trends currently going viral. Just take a look at the amazing trendy photos people have created.

1. Matching places

matching photos
image credits: artfullyawear
matching the background
image credits: dressedtomatch

2. Improvised shoes

improvised shoes
image credits: hello_sans_
improvised shoes
image credits: winnietron

3. The difference a makeup can make

the difference a makeup can make
image credits: creepyvel
the difference a makeup can make
image credits: thepowerofmakeupchallenge

These are some before and after makeup photos, the power of makeup challenge is something new brought up by girls flowing as a trend nowadays. They use the tag #thepowerofmakeup on such photos.

4. Shelfie

image credits: ryderandhope

This is an interesting trend, isn’t it?

5. Total honesty Tuesday

total honesty tuesday
image credits: rsuppok
total honesty tuesday
image credits: curry_t27

These photos are posted with the tag #totalhonestytuesday. They don’t really look good right? They are posted to show what real life looks like.

6. Divorce selfie

divorced selfie
image credits: kiss925
divorce selfie
image credits: lucy_thought

This is the #divorceselfie trend where you can see humor and a little bit of excitement in sad situations. Those selfies are taken right in front of the courthouse.

7. Glitter beard

glitter beard challenge
image credits: glitterbeards
glitter beard challenge
image credits: glitterbeards

Glitter on eyes, lips and hair is common right? But glitter of beard is next level where men also have shattered social media with #glitterbeardchallenge

8. Leisure dive

leisure dive
image credits: leisuredive
leisure dive
image credits: maddchadd

The point of the #leisuredivechallenge is that the person should dive in the most relaxed pose.

9. Makeup transformation

makeup transformation
image credits: Makeuptransformation
makeup transformation
image credits: YZ

#makeuptransformation challenge is held by guys to laugh at the trend. The challenge came up to be very creative.