11 Year old From Florida Earns World Record For Mental Math.

11-year-old-girl from Florida earns-world-record-for-mental-math

The 11 year old girl from Florida, United States earns the Guinness World Record for mental math. She was able to solve a 12 digit multiplication sum without the help from a calculator or a pen.

11-year-old-girl from florida earns-world-record-for-mental-math
image credits: timesnownews.com

Her name is Sanaa Hiremath, she went through a major issue when she was just 2 years old, she suffered from Autism. Sanaa’s mother noticed that Sanaa showed had a very special talent for math when they engaged her in home school, her mother Priya Hiremath told the Spectrum News.

Her mother said, “At the very first time we introduced multiplications for her she was able to answer at a glance.”

“She failed in math earlier before home school,” her father Uday said.

Since she had poor motor issues she couldn’t hold a pen or a pencil when her parents gave her a pencil and a paper to write from 1-20.

Later her pediatrician was so much impressed with her skills in math. So her parents wanted to find that her skills in math might be a Guinness World Record.

The 11-year-old was handed a 12-digit figure to multiply, which she did in less than ten minutes. She was not permitted in the room when the numbers were chosen. Also she was blindfolded when the timer started.

Then this 11 year old little girl from Florida was awarded the Guinness World Record for the biggest multiplication in mental arithmetic.