12 Strange Pets in History That People Loved to Pet.

Studies says that some people have different connections with pets they choose to have. Having a pet that we adores a lot can have positive effects on our behaviors and personalities. Some people might like dogs as pets, some loves cats, so here in this article it’s non of them but it is something really different and strange about pet lovers.

Viral9, have something really special and different to that of a regular pet owner. The type of pet that you keep with you doesn’t really matter unless you adores it.

1. Theodore Roosevelt’s Josiah.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Josiah
image credits: @PaddlefishKittens/imgur

The little badger was a gift to Theodore Roosevelt. It was gifted to him by a 12 year on girl, Pearl Gorsuch which was during his trip to American West. The pet was named Josiah, Roosevelt gifted it to his son, Archie.

2. Known to be a royal pet of “The King.”

Known to be a royal pet of "The King."
image credits: @Jiggleit63

A booking agent gave this kangaroo to Elvis Presley. “The King,” later donated the kangaroo to a zoo.

3. The pet Lion.

the pet lion
image credits: Aslan gibi yasamak

Tippi Hedren, an actress and her family had a lion as a pet for sometime. They were shooting a movie regarding lions at that time, so she thought it might be a great opportunity to learn about them. But later she regretted because of the high risk she took by bringing a lion to where her family is.

4. His parents didn’t allow him to pet a dog so he chose a strange pet.


This a Cambodian boy who lacked a pet. He was just 3 years old when he had a pet as a python which is actually 13.1 ft long. It was a female python named “Lucky.” The people in the village believed that the child is a son of a dragon in his before life. And also they believed that he got supernatural powers.

5. The two readers.

Strange pets
image credits: @REUTERS/Gleb Garanich 

The photo was taken on December 15,2005. These two lion cubs lived in the house of Tatyana Efremova, she is a veterinarian in Ukraine.

6. Home is everything

12 Strange Pets in History That People Loved to Pet.
image credits: @REAUTERS/Ina Fassbender

This llama who is named Socke is 3 years old, she lived with Nichole Doepper in Germany. The llama had been living there since birth because she had an injury caused by another animal.

 7. Strangest among strange pets.

Strangest among strange pets. the pet crocodile
image credits: @REUTERS/Jason Reed

The child’s name is Wattana Thongjon with his pet crocodile. The crocs name is Kheng. The picture was taken in 2002, back then Wattana’s father found the croc when he was a very little baby which is three years prior. He grew up real quick, They fed the croc fresh fish and it stayed indoors with their two pet dogs as well.

8. Pony’s are pet material.

Pony's are pet material.
image credits: @REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

The pony drank beer every Sunday and shared meals with her owner. She suffered from cerebral palsy so her owner provided her therapy. The pet is named Clarissa, she’s ten years old.

9. The pet monkey loving his master.

the pet monkey loves his owner
image credits: @REUTERS/Rafiqur Rahman

This was at Dhaka in 2005. The name of the monkey is Jatra, he is just like a dog thus he licks his master named Sohag.

10. It’s really awkward to have steak for dinner when you have a pet like that. One of the most strange pets ever.

 It's really awkward to have steak for dinner when you have a pet like that. 
image credits: @REUTERS/Dan Riedlhuber

The picture was taken on February 11, 2004. The owner of pet Bailey D, Buffalo is Jim Sautner. The buffalo was raised by the family ever since he was a little calf. He visits the indoors of the house daily which he loved a lot.

11. “We’re all equal before a wave,” said by Laird Hamilton.

"We're all equal before a wave," said by Laird Hamilton. 
image credits: @REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

In March of 2010, Domingo Pianezzi and his alpaca, Pisco, were photographed in Lima. Pianezzi is a fantastic surf teacher, and Pisco was a quick study.

12. Why a horse when you got a croc?

Why a horse when you got a croc?
image credits: @Gotham3/Imgur

The photo was taken in 1920s at Los Angeles in Alligator Farm.