13 Celebrities Aged Above 45 Proves That It’s Never Too Late to Become a Mom.

Celebrities are not different from the ordinary women. Majority of the women decides to have children later in their life. And some others prefer being financially stable before having a baby, also there’s another group of women still deciding who the right person to have a baby with. So there’s no difference between celebrities and ordinary woman, some female celebrities are deciding to have a baby after accomplishing their careers.

1. Halle Berry, 47 years old

Halle Berry, 47 years old
Image credits: Lalo Yasky / WireImage /Getty images

Halle Berry, an Oscar winner delivered her second child at the age of 47. The father of the child is French actor Olivier Martinez.

2. Jane Kaczmarek, 46 years old

Jane Kaczmarek, 46 years old
Image credits: Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

Jane Kaczmarek had her 3rd kid at 46.

3. Janet Jackson, 50 years old

Janet Jackson, 50 years old
Image credits: AFP/EAST NEWS

At age 50 Janet Jackson being a mother for the first time gave birth to Eissa Al Mana.

4. Kelly Preston, 47 years old

Kelly Preston, 47 years old
Image credits: @Johntravolta / Instagram

Kelly was 47 when she had her baby with John Travolta.

5. Susan Sarandon, 45 years old

Susan Sarandon, 45 years old
Image credits: @Isabelle Vautier/KCS/EastNews

Susan Sarandon had her third child at the age of 45, despite being diagnosed with endometriosis, a disorder that can cause infertility.

6. Iman, 45 years old

Image credits: @the_real_iman / Instagram

At 45, Iman, a model had her child, Lexi with the musician David Browie.

7. Audra McDonald, 46 years old

Audra McDonald, 46 years old
Image credits: audramcdonald / Instagram

Audra is a 6 times award winning American singer and actress had her baby at 46.

8. Rachel Weisz, 48 years old

Image credits: © Van Tine Dennis/ABACA/EAST NEWS

At the age of 48, the Mummy actress gave birth to a child with her husband, James Bond actor Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig has a 20-year-old daughter from a prior relationship with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, and Rachel Weisz has a son with director Darren Aronofsky.

9. Chloë Sevigny, 45 years old

Image credits: chloessevigny/Instagram

She is an American horror movie actress, Sevigny gave birth to her first child at 45.

10. Laura Linney, 49 years old

Laura Linney, 49 years old
Image credits: Valerie Maconia / AFP / East News

Laura Linney gave birth to her son Bennett Armistead. She kept her pregnancy quiet.

11. Kenya Moore, 47 years old

Kenya Moore, 47 years old
Image credits: thekenyamoore/Instagram

At the age of 47, the actress, producer, and reality personality renowned for Real Housewives of Atlanta had IVF treatment and gave birth to her daughter, Brooklyn.

12. Tamron Hall, 48 years old

Tamron Hall, 48 years old
Image credits: tamronhall/Instagram

Tamron Hall, talk show host, author, and former host of the Today show gave birth to her first child at 48.

13. Brigitte Nielsen, 54 years old

Image credits: realbrigittenielsen/Instagram

At the age of 54, the Danish actress gave birth to her fifth child after undergoing IVF therapy to conceive. She didn’t give up, and her determination paid off when she gave birth to Frida.

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