15 Different Haircuts That Nearly Made Pets Look Human

You might look completely different even for a slight change in your appearance, not only human it applies to our pets as well. The faces of the puppies in the article have altered completely different to that of their kind, this is amazing.  

The below pictures of puppies which we have collected will definitely remind you of somebody, keep tagging your buds! 

The feeling that h“I get e’s going to ask me something” 

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This is the way to become a real lady 

© kchristine8824 / Imgur

“Look at my dog’s haircut which he got yesterday” 

© mikah_sloan / Twitter

“Maggie adores haircuts” 

© pharmdmaybe / Reddit

His haircut looks more like in a movie 

© NorthernBelle53 / Reddit

“Can I have the application to become a supermodel?” 

© morkva / imgur

What a fancy haircut can do to your appearance! 


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“Seems like he’s not happy about his new haircut” 

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“Looks like he’s wearing a fancy coat? I guessed wrong! It’s his beautiful fur” 

© jilliandee1982 / Reddit

New dog? Nah, It’s a new haircut! 

© JayceBaron / Twitter

She looks like an old class movie star 

© AngryBubbl3 / Reddit

“Ted’s been growing that beard for so long” 

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Fluffy doggy to a cute puppy 

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“Kirzy looks more like a queen from a fairytale” 

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Look at the cutie with pigtails 

© Ellasmi / Reddit