20 Overgrown Pets Who Aren’t Aware of Their Size.

We Viral9 are so much into animals and pets. Therefore we have some photos of overgrown pets who don’t realize how huge they are.

Just like it doesn’t matter how big or how old your pet gets, your pets will remain as cute and adorable little babies in front of your eyes. Still some pets likes to be treated as new born babies, they don’t actually realize they’ve grown. Just like humans that they love to be treated with love and affection. So there’s no wonder seeing a huge doggy sitting on it’s owner’s lap like a cute little pup.

There is something special about these overgrown acting puppies, go through the photos we have for you.

1. “He’s been growing since known”

overgrown pets
image credits: @bigboy_brewski / Instagram

2. “It’s his seat forever”

overgrown dogs
image credits: @vladgrinch / reddit

3. “The boss in the house”

overgrown dogs
image credits: @LosPer / imgur

4. “My dad’s favorite animal, Big boy Aragon”

Big cats
image credits: @RydinX / reddit

5. “He’s 80 pounds but still enjoys hugs and wants to be held too”

big dogs
image credits: @daltonlaning / reddit

6. “It’s Samson with a regular sized cat”

Big cats
image credits: @catsradamus / Instagram

7. “She hardly wants to be a lapdog”

Big dogs
image credits: Romina2 / reddit

8. “My dad’s little cat”

big cats
image credits: @CoolestBurrito / reddit

9. “Meet Maynard, the overgrown husky”

overgrown husky
image credits: @a123oclock / reddit

10. “The cat is almost the height of his owner”

big cat
image credits: @chadork / reddit

11. “This couch is too small for the overgrown doggy”

big dog
image credits: @LogansRun4000 / imgur

12. “The best kinds of lap dogs”

big doggy
image credits: @thebeardedcannuck / reddit

13. “This gentle big doggy was spotted at the vet. She’s such a good girl sitting with her owner”

Great dane
image credits: @Chimtori / reddit

14. “Taking out the 130 pound lap dog to work”

Lap dog
image credits: @petplan / reddit

15. “Dad is 6’2, imagine how big the dog is”

big doggy
image credits: @ScottPuppy / reddit

16. “The cuddling doggy”

the cuddling doggy
image credits: @Katiea978 / reddit

17. “The dog’s about to realize he’s not a lap dog anymore”

Lap dog
image credits: @WillieB52 / reddit

18. “The big white doggy”

Big white doggy
image credits: @microwave_head / reddit

19. “My dog is an adorable lap dog to my grandma, doesn’t matter how the dog is”

overgrown dogs
image credits: @JChilly12 / reddit

20. “Carl, the 150 pound overgrown doggo, he’s a Lion/Good Boy Hybrid”

overgrown dogs
image credits: @Attentive_cactus / reddit