30 Comics From Slimy Oddity.

Slimy Oddity is a comic that reflects things like self-discovery, empathy, kindness and also how to cope with anxiety. Also they explain terms of Carl Jung like “shadow” and “what you resist persist” and also about how to deal with them, practice self-love, compassion and inner peace  are explained through their illustrations.

The artist who creates Slimy Oddity, Cherie has given the Bored Panda a chance to talk with her about the characters and the comics.

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This comic is a partnership between the artist Cherie and Tim, her partner who takes care of the words shared in the captions. She had said that at first, he started to draw about three 8years ago on her bedroom floor with a box of Colleen color pencils and some rough papers lying around. And that’s when the character’s blobs were created and then they became the central characters of her work. And said that it had all happened randomly and that she hasn’t stopped it since.



The red blob is Slimy and the purple one is Oddity which respectively represent Cherie and Tim. She had said that in some comics we’ll see that Oddity is the one who constantly drops truth bombs on Slimy all time. 

And that those are true stories where her partner had helped her in her journey. And that she sees him as her teacher and mirror. She had said that Tim was a huge catalyst in her growth as a person and she wouldn’t be where she is without him. Also she had said that she had chosen the blobs to represent them because she wanted them to be non-brainy and amorphous, so that others also can relate and see themselves in them. 




Many topics that are  in the comic are based on ner personal experiences and the lessons she’s learned. She had admitted that they even help her to get encouraged when she’s not feeling so great.  Cherie had told that she is also deeply inspired by her gurus and teachers. Ram Dass, Adyashanti,  Alan Watts are a few that she had mentioned. Also that she love sharing their quotes in her artworks as their words have helped her so much, and that she wants to pass on that wisdom to anyone else who might need it.




The comic Slimy and Oddity is created on a black background where there are dazzling stars round and it represents the universe around us. A lot of things that the comic share are in the space which cannot be seen but can be felt. It also gives people an opportunity to come across the universe around them. She had said that she wants to show people that going within is not scary or daunting as it seems. In fact that it’s the gateway towards understanding the true authentic self, and gaining a deeper love for life and the things that it can offer.





She had also shared that  she sees Slimy Oddity as fun , inviting bridge that serves as a guide to help people to wake their true selves. And that they are currently in the process of writing a children’s book and that they hope to get in touch with the hearts of the kids and adults universally.

She had said that there is no end goal for Slimy Oddity and that she just wants to keep expanding their universe into all kinds of mediums, experiences and expressions. She would say that a dream project of hers would be to have a Netflix series, though. And it seems far-fetched right now but she’s manifesting it.