30 Thrift Shop Surprises By Fascinating Items

The shopping culture has been altered and changed with the appearance of the coronavirus in society. Since a lot of people refrain from going out or spending much time in public.  But it didn’t stop people from discovering new things and also sharing the things they found on the internet. Here are a few instances that people on Facebook shared what they found in thrift shops themselves. 

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#1 If Janice Fox could express her feelings about this year, this doll would be accurate. 

Image source: Janice Pawlowski Fox

#2 Eleanor Bradley’s grandma has been collecting pieces of Family Jewelry to create a Christmas tree. 

Image source: Eleanor Ruth Fay Bradley

Eleanor was handed over the box with broken jewelry by her grandmother Dorothy who passed away. So Eleanor made her grandmother’s dream come true and finally finished the Christmas tree. 

#3 Salvaged as a person was throwing this out. A good polish will surely turn things around. 

Image source: Michal Elaine Johnston

#4 Zoe keely found a Woodburn picture of her mother after 29 years! 

Image source: Zoe Keely

#5 Salvaged decoration pieces glued to create this masterpiece. 

Image source: Missy Maynard

#6 Beautifully restored reading corner; just for $50. 

Image source: Kati Stevens

#7 Kendra yo just found it on the side of the road. 

Image source: Kendra Yo

#8 This Chair-book was spotted at a thrift store in the Netherlands. 

Image source: Danique Faber

#9 A salvaged stained glass installed as the House number Board! 

Image source: Candy McDaniel

#10 A mid-century Curved blue couch fits beautifully into a modern house. 

Image source: Laura Haddow Sugawara

#11 An old Rugrats printed pair of clothes found at a thrift store in Texas. 

Image source: Danyelle Bridgewater

#12 A beautiful piece of furniture found in an online thrift store. 

Image source: Jessica Smith

#13 A wonderful item that is passed on generation to generation. 

Image source: Amber Ford Rempel

#14 A salvaged beauty found while helping a friend to move. 

Image source: Lindsey Marie

#15 Maria Frausto found this from Goodwill and it got back home with her. 

Image source: Maria Leidy Frausto

#16 A yarn vest from Ontario. 

Image source: Meghan Tiberio

#17 Found in a garage sale, now it is my favorite mug! 

Image source: Laura O’Brien

#18 Nancy Copeland ran into this at a Yard Sale. 

Image source: Nancy Toft Copeland

#19 Another awesome item salvaged from, Queen Creel AZ. 

Image source: Mandie McClendon

#20 Love at first sight with this Rainbow sparkled sequined biketards. 

Image source: Sara Streit

#21 This glass panel was just 4.99! 

Image source: Mary Vires

#22 This shelf and lamp are going in for a repaint. 

Image source: Ashley Belland

#23 A pretty Crystal ball found in a Nashville Thrift store. 

Image source: Leann Sedlock-Alley

#24 Vintage Santa, repainted and restored back to his jolly self. 

Image source: Rae Frazier

#25 A cute Bulldog bowl with his tongue as a spoon. 

Image source: Lisa Valencia

#26  Garden dog which was found by a dumpster being fried by the Florida sun is now restored! 

Image source: Deidre Holmes

#27 Vintage birds, Salvaged from US Virgin Islands. 

Image source: Laura Dixon Strickling

#28 2 dollars per plate and 1 dollar per cup. Not bad for a buddy dish deal. 

Image source: Jenny Yearwood

#29 $20 Chair! 

Image source: Alicia Phillips

#30 One of the coolest things Ashley Williams came across! 

Image source: Ashley Nicole Williams