4 Ways How Anger Defines Who You Are.

4 Ways How Anger Defines Who You Are.

We all get angry about this and in our daily lives. But the way we react to anger is different from each other. Sometimes one person is screaming and violent while the other is silent with a cry. Although the best way to deal with anger is to take some time to calm down and express what you are feeling in a non-violent way, most of us do not have this quality. We tend to express how we feel in different ways, and the way a person expresses anger can tell you about their personality.


Shouting in anger
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We have all met people who scream like crazy when they are angry. They are the ones who express their anger because they feel misunderstood and need other people to know what they are thinking. Even if they know they are doing something wrong, they will try to intimidate others and blame others too dramatically. They think that they have to show their anger to get some validity and that many people tend to get complaints when the other person seems to be hurt by it. So, the angry person automatically gains more power and wins the argument he/she wants.

Sad and silent

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Some people are quiet when they are upset, and they show this behavior. Especially, they keep their anger bottled up and refuse to talk openly about how they feel. And also, they do not want people to stop loving them for who they are and hide their true feelings by remaining silent. They wait for the right moment to increase their anger, but in the end, they forget it and act as if nothing happened. But by refusing to speak, these people naturally distance themselves from those who hurt them.


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Some are violent when they are angry. They will throw things away, attack others, smash furniture. They become destructive when they try to externalize their feelings, making it dangerous to be around them. However, their anger is followed by embarrassment, but it may be too late to apologize for all their behavior by then. They try to be violent because they feel they are disrespecting others, and this feeling is caused by the idea that they are superior to those around them.


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Some of us do nothing but cry when we are angry because when we are angry, we feel helpless. They get discouraged about the extent of their anger. And the only way to get rid of the anger and sadness in them is to be a. These people cry when they are angry that no one loves them, treats them with pity, and feels unjustly disrespected. However, responding with tears of anger can help repair their relationship and better understand the situation.