5 Minutes Of What the Media Does To Women

5 Minutes of What the Media Does to Women

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Rather than thinking that everyone has some beauty and uniqueness, every girl wants to be beautiful. They think of them somewhat negatively because the business world is focused on capturing those women little by little. What if you ever dreamed of appearing as a celebrity or model? Have you ever wondered if a celebrity has a perfect body? If so, you are trapped.

5 Minutes of What the Media Does to Women

By photographing advertisements and placing computer-enhanced models, society has built up unattainable standards of beauty, which has created a sense of inadequacy among women. This leads to a negative image of one’s body image and self. Image and this dissatisfaction have led to anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and low self-esteem in many women. By portraying an ideal beautiful body, the media also indirectly exploits the sexuality of women. Have you ever wondered why women’s values ​​are diminished, and they become so obsessed? Dear ladies, stop spending too much time being beautiful. You are already attractive. True beauty comes from your ability to be fat, pale, skinny, or whatever.

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