A Never Giving Up Search of 11 Years Ends With the Reunion Of a 23 Year Old Son With His Long Lost Father.

This is yet another Christmas story unfolding with a heartwarming ending. The season of love and giving truly earn its name with these kinds of stories weaving its fabric. This is the wonderful story of the reunification of a long lost father and of a son with undying love and courage.

Son and father happily together after 10+ years.

Image credits: Jason Kelly

23-year-old Jason Kelly from Tuebrook was determined in reaching his lost father last Christmas. His father; David Kelly, left home when his son was only 2 years old, but kept returning for visits.

As Jason grew older, they distanced a bit and some resent built in with time. The final time Jason saw his father was when he was 12. David Kelly rode a bicycle passing Jason who was walking back home after school. Jason was quite shocked to see his father smiling at him, not knowing that was the last time he would see him for a long, long time.

Jason was super determined to find his father, especially when he knew that he didn’t have a proper house to live.

Image credits: Jason Kelly

Jason continued his search for years, he began sharing the old photos of his father on social media and also on Liverpool Echo, in search of any clue to find his father.

Bits of information started to flow in and it seems like David Kelly was not doing okay at the time and he was technically homeless. In the end, Jason’s desperate search for his father resulted in him getting a location of his whereabouts.

On Christmas Eve, Jason visited the area that David was reported to be living. David Kelly, who was actually there was in shock that he started to run as soon as he saw Jason. Jason quickly chased him asking him to stop and that he has been looking around for him. Finally, David stopped and Jason successfully found his long lost father.

Reuniting Jason with his father helped them both to approach rebuilding their lost relationship in a healthier way.

Image credits: Jason Kelly

With this Christmas miracle, Jason has provided his father with means to mend himself a living and they maintain constant touch.

Now he is more focused on re-installing his father back into society by finding his legal documents to regain his personal identification.