Ever Seen Famous Logos Looking More Panda? They look awesome!

Xiaobaosg’s unique creation.

Xiaobaosg, he’s an illustrator from Singapore. He usually uses designs like cats, ukiyo-e style designs, and pandas. Let’s see how famous logos would look like in a panda!

Talking about this work, he has made up a whole new concept where he uses some famous well-known logos to apply his own design on them which is his signature character, Panda. By recreating them he makes them look funny and more entertaining. The main aim of recreating these famous logos into funny ones is to spread love and some positive energy towards people during this awful pandemic. This is like a game where the reader has to guess what the original logo is. At first, he wanted to recreate just one strip, but as an outcome, he ended up making a series of them as there were so many logos that inspired him to do so. Enjoy and guess what it is!

More info: Instagram | xiaobaosg.com | redbubble.com

Below are some famous logos looking more panda.


panda on nike


panda on pringles


panda on starbutts


panda on adidas


panda on kfc


panda on redbull


panda on the northface


panda on famous logos


panda on monopoly


panda on playboy


panda on quaker oats


panda on pama


panda on famous logos


panda on gichelin


panda on logos


panda on famous logos


panda logos


panda on logos

Fore more.