Similarities of X-ray Scans of COVID-19 Lungs Comparing to a Smoker’s Lungs.

COVID-19 has been among us for over a year now. Still there are many things that are still not found and studied on this virus and its effects. Luckily, the people who make new studies share it with the world so, together the world can understand and fight against this virus.

A doctor shares her studies comparing X-rays of lungs of three people; a COVID-19 patient, a smoker and a healthy person. This Doctor, from Texas might have shared some interesting details about this matter. 

Latest Study on The Corona Virus and its effects long-term.

Image credits: BKendallMD

This is Dr. Brittany Bankhead-Kendall is an assistant professor at Tech University Health Sciences Center in Texas. In the X-rays she examined, the COVID-19 patient’s lungs were more deteriorated than that of the heaviest smoker on the x-rays.

Here are some of the things that the Doctor posted online.

This is an X-ray of a healthy person’s lung. The adequate black space shows the air capacity the lung can intake.

Image credits: MarkieMartin

This is an X-ray of a heavy smoker. The difference of the black indicated area on this X-ray shows the damage the lungs have taken.

Image credits: MarkieMartin

This is an X-ray of a COVID-19 patient. This is even worse than a heavy smoker’s lung. The damage done to the lungs is severe.

Image credits: MarkieMartin

After Dr. Brittany’s posts went viral with a huge number of positive responses. She was invited to speak on the matter on CBS DFW news. She explained that the lungs of COVID-19 patients who are even recovered carry the damage on their lungs with them.

The following video explains the differences of these three types of X-rays.

Image credits: KMOV St. Louis

Every strain of the COVID-19 virus leaves you with heavy lung damage.

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With this study, it is found that even when the COVID-19 virus is treated and cured, the person might have problems associated with their lungs later on in their lives. Shortness of breath is the main indicator of this condition.

Side effects of Vaccines are preferred considering the damage that the virus does to your lungs permanently.

Image credits: BKendallMD