Will SpaceX Win The Race Against Blue Origin

Elon Musk’s spacecraft, SpaceX’s starship sn8, had a successful flight time on December 24, 2020. The starship uses a raptor engine. It’s a full-flow staged combustion cycle. It flies like a normal rocket. One of the engines was deactivated during the flight. It’s because it reduces the velocity of the rocket.


The starship lands in a different way. when the starship lands, the fuselage lands on the ground.it’s called the skydiver menu. It’s like a parachute coming down from the sky with one’s belly down. There are four flaps that work as arms and legs of skydivers. Starship was able to navigate correctly using these flaps. when the starship landed, two engines were fully operational. But the third engine couldn’t be activated on time. It was unstable during landing, and one side hit the landing pad, destroying starship serial number 08.



So, starship SN9 will get ready to try on January 26 of 2021 

Успешный запуск Falcon 9 со спутником Sirius SXM-7 - 25-ый для компании в  этом году | Пикабу


It is a well-known fact that SpaceX and blue origin are fighting side by side 

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SpaceX aims to resettle humans on another planet. blue origin aims to do the same. this can be likened to the story of the tortoise and the hare. SpaceX compared to the tortoise and the blue origin to the hare in the beginning, but more recently the name blue origin. the rabbit’s lost activity. then, the SpaceX tortoise came forward.

The blue origin company owned by Jeff Bezos is rumored to be using starship sn8 technology to build a similar spacecraft.

If true, is SN9 a consequence of that? 

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