Big Gator-fish Remains Found In Singapore.

This is a bizarre story from Singapore. 31 year old Karen Lythgoe discovered a carcass of a creature who looked like nothing she has ever seen before. She witnessed this scene while she was passing by the reservoir MacRitchie.

Credits: Daily mail.

At first she was convinced that it was a smaller alligator, before she decided to have a closer look at it. What she discovered was a ‘prehistoric’ looking weird animal carcass on the bank. Later it was found that this creature is known as Alligator gar and they are usually found in Southern America. The authorities removed the carcass off the bank but they are still baffled about how this animal got into the Reservoir. 

According to descriptions of this animal, it is known to be an apex predator in their habitat and their eggs are also considered toxic. So, the presence of such an animal in a reservoir which is not its natural habitat directly affects the ecosystem of it.

Singapore’s water agency and Wildlife Board have confirmed that it is an alligator gar. They also continued to explain how dangerous it is to release an alien animal into a totally different environment halfway across the globe.

These animals do resemble the prehistoric fish in the ages of early reptiles and their genes do have strong bonds to the genes of aquatic reptiles in those very eras.

These animals are found to be sold by local fishermen when they are very young. So it is suspected that this animal is also one of those who were dumped into the reservoir by its owner when it got too big to handle.

The Singapore government has enforced several laws to forbid such irresponsible acts, which can cost more than £1,500 in penalty as well.