20 Unpopular Facts About Commonly Known Animals.

You might have known these animals since a long time, but these facts are lesser known to the world yet. Check these awesome facts!

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#1 While Black Cats are a sign of bad luck in almost every country. The Scottish lore considers them to be a sign of prosperity.

#2 African Pouched Rats are trained to detect bombs, landmines and also tuberculosis.

#3 Possums help to keep the environment clean by clearing out many parasites and bugs.

#4 Sometimes Zoos have to give their Cheetahs Emotional Support dogs since they are shy.

#5 Seagulls stomp on grass to create vibrations of rain, so that worms and bugs would surface.

#6 Rats like to get their bellies tickled and their ears get pinker when they are tickled.

#7 A Sloth’s original claw position is them being tightly closed. That is how they can sleep on trees without falling.

#8 Lynx have its huge paws to have better balance in snow, as if it is wearing snow boots.

#9 Pinniped milk contains around 60% of fat. The young Pinnipeds can grow over 2.2kg per day for this reason.

#10 The only type of pig to be covered in a coat of wool; Mangalica.

#11 Aardwolves are shy and they live in pairs with their cubs.

#12 Pudu deer are the smallest deer type with a height of 15 inches in average.

#13 Cows and Dogs tend to share the same emotional mindset.

#14 Sand Cats are not good at climbing. So they dig burrows to escape the desert heat.

#15 Gibbons practice Monogamy and raise their kids together.

#16 Pigs replay past memories since they have episodic memory.

#17 Chinese Water Deer; grows out fang like upper canines when mature, earning the name ‘Vampire Deer’

#18 Malabar squirrel Freezes itself on the tree trunk when in danger.

#19 Capybaras gets along with a large number of animal varieties.

#20 Rats are empathetic as humans.