According to a flight attendant, pilots are not permitted to consume the same food.

Dani, a flight attendant, revealed a little-known fact: during a flight, the two pilots are not permitted to have the same meal as a safety measure.


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We enjoy traveling on flight a lot. We always think about the destination and we order whatever the food and drinks we prefer.

But, there are people who are afraid of flying, they’ll experience something completely different. Those people will go on questioning and and talking about things that might go wrong.

Something special about one flight attendant is that she has explained a secret rule that is followed by the pilots to keep passengers safe.

The crew consists of two pilots, one is the captain and the other is the first officer. The crew gets a meal during the journey. But captain and his first officer are not allowed to have the same meal for both.

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“This is to ensure that if the meal is contaminated. And the captain or first officer gets sick after eating it, then the flight deck who had a different meal should still be okay and able to operate the aircraft.”

Yes, it may sound petty. But it’s a rule at the very beginnings of commercial aviation, states that food poisoning or sickness should never prevent a safe flight.

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