High School Pool Party Got Covered By Seven Bears.

A Pool party on May 26 in Tennessee was interfered by a set of bears who then decided to rock the party and swim in the pool.

The set of bears were swimming in the pool. They were also walking outside the pool after the students in the party flew away from the celebrations.

Michelle Johnson, who was in the party posted a video on YouTube saying there were seven bears in the group. This incident happened when the Jefferson County High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps had organized a party at Chalet Village pool in Gatlinburg.

Michelle Johnson said, “Please keep your distance from bears, these black bears from the Great Smoky Mountains are wonderful but never try to feed them it’s really dangerous.”

Bears in the pool party
image credits: Micelle Johnson/YouTube

In Facebook post that Michelle posted, the people in the Chalet Village says that they see bears regularly in the premises but these set of bears are abnormally huge. Also they said that they have never seen so many bears at once before.

Bears are typically drawn to pools when the weather becomes warm. These animals may have been inspired by a particularly merry bear. The bear went viral in 2018 after stealing a man’s margarita, lounging in his unheated Jacuzzi, and then napping.

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