Mom confronts shirtless guys riding ponies in the Lake.

A video has emerged of a mom confronting a group of guys riding on ponies who asked her to shut up when she asked them to get the ponies out of the Hyde Park’s Serpentine lido.


It was recorded last week at London’s Serpentine lido in Hyde Park shows the woman addressing the guys as they swam in the pond to cool themselves in the searing heat. The guys and their horses dive directly into the water of the Lido, only a few feet away from parkgoers on pedal boats.

The video was shared in Twitter by @Cabvision Taxi says the incident was caught on Saturday June 5. At that time the United Kingdom was suffering a heat wave, with temperatures reaching 24 degrees Celsius.

Mom confronts shirtless guys riding ponies in the Lake.
image credits: @CabvisionTaxi / Twitter

When one urges the mom to “shut up,” mom comes up to him and yells, “I will not go away. I don’t have to shut up, you don’t get to tell me to shut up.”

She then turns towards the crowd and asks, “who else want to see the ponies in the water?”

According to a Freedom of Information request obtained by the Sun, ponies are only permitted on roadways in Hyde Park.

Plus ponies are not allowed in cycle paths, grass areas and footpaths.

The group riding the ponies sarcastically says her to offer them £50 to get the ponies out.

“Officers arrived and informed the horse riders that having animals in the Serpentine was illegal.” So they came out of the water and left the area. No one was arrested.

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