This Stray Dog was Adopted After Following a Lady on a Hiking Trip.

In September 2020, while hiking in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nikki Delventh discovered her dog Camper, it was a stray dog. She and her mother were traveling in a remote area looking for a way out. Nikki knew straight away that she could not put a sweet, lovable puppy anywhere, so he jumped on her lap as she opened the door to her car.

Nikki shared that she was ready to adopt a dog but was waiting for the right moment and that it happened when Camper found her.

Del Venthal has been trying to make a living as an influencer through a fast-growing YouTube channel and social media ever since he got into his car. She shares about life on the street with her dog, and it’s not enough for people to see both Nikki and Camper coming together.

Image courtesy: Nikki Delventhal

Meet her camper dog

Nikki saw Camper on one of her many mountaineering trips. These trips were nothing new to her as her passion for mountaineering loved the outdoors. On that memorable climb, Nikki was accompanied by her mother. When they saw Camper, they thought the dog was going away, but they got the idea after four miles behind them. This person does not isolate them.


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The climber and her mother immediately went to the nearest animal shelter, and along the way, they asked if anyone recognized Camper. Because no one did, they paid for the dog and many of the medications he needed and cared for. Nikki and her mother left him there because Camper was required to rest and recover.

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However, the woman climber could not get rid of Camper’s mind, and a few days later, she went back to the lodge and claimed it. Fortunately, the dog was more than happy to see Nikki, so she decided to adopt him and bring him home. Walking the long way up the mountain, Nikki liked this lifestyle, and Camper embraced it completely. He was a little soldier and was Nikki’s bodyguard. Camper became Nikki’s shadow, and the two remained in front of each other and love. Nikki gave Camper his first bone grind, and the dog was delighted.

They lived happily in the woods

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After all that had happened, Nikki explained that this was the best time for her to get in her car and visit the United States when she was feeling down and out. In the end, Nikki packed up all her belongings and left with Camper.

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