A Wonderful New Species Of Jellyfish Found In The Deep Sea

More Info & Image Courtesy: NOAA

The depths of the ocean are some of the unique parts of the world. Many wonders are hidden in this depth, and we are waiting to find them. This is a story about an amazing view of a new species of jellyfish, discovered during a deep-sea exploration. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or simply ‘NOAA,’ is an ocean exploration organization. They have made amazing discoveries in the ocean so far. A deep-sea diving project on marine life was rediscovered by someone who had received their in-house training.

A wonderful new species of jellyfish found in the deep sea

This is a beautiful jellyfish that has never been identified or found in any document. Quinn Girasek was an intern at NOAA during her project. ROV found this jellyfish in the deep scattering layer of the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean. These areas have not been previously explored. This is an exceptional opportunity for this resident to discover a new species in this exercise project.

A wonderful new species of jellyfish found in the deep sea

The scattering layer is the depth at which sound waves scatter due to the interaction of mesopelagic and other organisms. These unidentified creatures saw many difficult creatures to identify as a bird, and many could not identify them.

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