A Girl With The Heart Outside. This Is The Way She Lives.

A Girl With The Heart Outside. This Is The Way She Lives.

Virsaviya is a seven-year-old happy student. She loves to dance, run, draw, and ponies. The video shows this brave girl born with an abnormal condition under a layer of skin outside her ribs. Her heart lived outside. 

Virsaviya suffers from a very rare medical condition, the Pantalogy of Canterbury. Especially, this is a situation that occurs in less than 1 in a million births. Pentalogy in Canterbury is fatal without surgical intervention. However, in some cases, the deficiencies are so severe that the person dies regardless of the medical or surgical intervention received. 

This little girl’s heart seems to be beating beneath her ribs. It only has a thin layer to protect it.

Although this little girl is extremely fragile and at high risk of injury, she spends her entire life more than most people we see.

In an interview with the BBC, she said: “This is my heart. I am the only one who has this. I walk, jump, fly, run, I don’t run, but I like to run.”

Virsaviya was born in Russia. And also, doctors warned her mother to prepare for the worst. So, she later immigrated to the United States in hopes of saving her beautiful little girl. Thus, she is now expected to receive several very complex missions.

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