A Kind Stranger Helps Mother To Calm Her Boy Suffering From Autism.

A Kind Stranger Helps Mother To Calm Her Boy Suffering From Autism.

Our world is filled with people who are different from each other. Humanity and human civilization are built simultaneously. This is also about an amazing act of humanity. The story is about a boy suffering from autism.

Rudy is an adorable little boy who is suffering from autism. His mother Natalie takes very good care of him and loves him unconditionally with her whole heart. But sometimes with a condition like Rudy’s, it is a bit hard to de-escalate. So most of the time, whenever Rudy does something out of his condition, Natalie has to deal with the people who gave them a negative look. The rest of the world does not know what this mother and the child go through, which makes it even harder for them. 

As Rudy likes to walk around the beach, Natalie was taking him on a walk. Somehow, due to sensory issues, Rudy was a little bit overjoyed and started to react to it. Unfortunately, she could not bring Rudy to a calm position at the moment. Many strangers were looking at her with rude eyes. Natalie felt alone and helpless among those people. It was at this moment that a very kind stranger came towards them.

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rudy with stranger

rudy playing with the stranger

This person understood their situation and asked Natalie if the little boy was having a tantrum. Anyhow after realizing the situation, this person spoke with the kid kindly. He sacrificed his own time to play with Rudy. He let Rudy respond and he even laid down on the ground to talk with the kid. Then the boy started to calm down. The name of this person with a good heart is Lan. If each person in society thinks like Lan, definitely this world would be a nice place for people like Rudy. 

boy with autism


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