A Man-Made Song Using The Location Of A Flock Of Birds Sitting On The Wires Of Music Notes!

A man-made song using the location of a flock of birds sitting on the wires of music notes!

More Info & Image Courtesy: YouTube

Some people are very creative. They can even create a great piece of work by looking at a dead leaf that has fallen to the ground! Jarbas Agnelli also falls into this category. One morning he was reading a newspaper when he noticed a photo of a bird sitting on a power line. They were all sitting as usual, but Agnel saw something else in the picture. He cut out the picture and was inspired to make a song about the birds sitting on these wires. He sang using the location of the birds as musical notes! The idea was very genuine, and he was very interested to know the melody composed from the places of the birds.

Speaking about this, he said, “I saw this picture of birds on the power lines. So I decided to cut out the photo and make a song, noting the birds’ exact location. I was curious to hear what the birds were up to.”

A man-made song using the location of a flock of birds sitting on the wires of music notes!

After creating the song, the story is equally interesting. And also, Agnelli enjoyed the music created by his imagination. And he sent it to photographer Paulo Pinto to take this photo. Pinto conspired a bit because of this idea, and he shared it with his author, and he told a reporter about it. Eventually, the story ended as an interview with the newspaper and took Agnel to win the YouTube Play Guggenheim Biennial Festival. No wonder we have all seen similar pictures and real scenes of birds on a wire. But, most of us have never come across such ideas. So, next time grab a lot of exciting things, and if you think about it, you are sure to get something special too!

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