A Nature Friendly Place to ‘Rest in Peace’.

The carbon footprint of humans is a commonly found issue that affects the biodiversity of the Planet more than ever. Even at the final resting place, humans still pollute the earth with the synthetic material in the Coffins and all sorts of things that are associated with Burial.

‘Capsula Mundi’ is the greenest solution that is presented for this issue. Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel from Italy Designed this ‘pod’ that might replace the traditional burying process.

‘Capsula Mundi’, which stands for ‘World’s Capsule’ in Latin; feeds the body’s nutrients into a tree.

Image courtesy: CNN

This project was launched to spread a nouvelle concept of Cemeteries, to support the ecosystem rather than having scattered waste in them.

Most of the people avoid conversations about death, but it is the inevitable destination that everybody goes to. If a person can contribute to the healing of this world, it might be one of the greater deeds, even in death.

Although the pod is originally created to place a body after death. But the initial launch facilitates only to place ashes. Ashes work much faster and better than the complete body. Bodies might have artificial implants, and harmful substances such as mercury from tooth fillings.

A tree is placed on top of the pod to ensure that its nutrients are being fed into nature.

Image courtesy: CNN

Image courtesy: CNN

The oxygen release along with the carbon and nitrogen in this process really gives nature a nutrient rich fertilizer, while preventing a lot of pollution.

This concept is an eye opener as well as a barrier breaker in many cultures and religions. This has no legal barriers in specific but in some countries, altering burial or cremation process is not legally approved. Although this is a promising concept to minimize pollution as well as contributing to the planet, the legal issues are still to be sorted out.