Amazing Jays With Blue And Black Barcodes In Ruurd’s Garden

Ruurd Jelle van der Leij, had happened to be taking photographs of jays in his garden for the past 10 years. He had to put some effort as they were clever intelligent birds that belonged to the crow family. And the birds had been aware of his existence with his camera and therefore as he had said the birds had lost faith in the food that he had provided them and also the birds had started moving speedily through his garden. It had taken him about more than a year to gain faith and click some pictures in detail. 

He had also thought about how many individual birds were there in the wintertime. He had seen more than 5 birds and also had a feeling that there may be more. In the course of taking photographs, he had noticed that they might be able to be identified individually by the amazing blue and black barcode like feature. 

For the past 10 years Ruurd had been taking photographs of Jays in his garden. 

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He had noticed that they can be identified individually by the amazing black and blue characteristic which is like a barcode. 

As a youngster he had been amazed by the crow family birds, and was searching for their feathers with blue color in his garden without knowing that he might be watching for them again after 25 years. When he was taking pictures of every individual jay, it had become clear that they had unalike codes. It had been effortless in recognizing some of them while having to take more pictures of other separate birds so that he could examine and later differentiate them on his computer. 

Photographs left and right sides of 10 separate jays in 2018. 

His study of the jays in his garden had grown the amount of jays in his garden in the winter of 2018 to 2019 from 5 birds to 10 birds. 2 of them had been in his yard throughout the year and also had been breeding. 

Detailing of the Barcode. 

During the comparison of the barcodes it had been crucial that he had to examine the same side. He had said that comparison left and right side may mean considering the exact bird again as they had unlike design on both sides. 

Six unlike birds of 2020 and barcode differences of the birds. 

Because the feathers of the birds fell off there had been the inquiry of whether the pattern also changed or not.  He had said that the pattern does differ, but the one bird which had been in his garden around the whole year had some consistency in her code that she had kept over the years. With the fusion of being the calmest bird in his garden he was sure that she was still the same bird. 

The leading bird with a new feather each year but with the exact design. 

Pictures of the left and right side of the main bird together. Most likely the same. 


The bird had come in the summer with her youngsters and Ruurd has captured the photographs and counted them. 

5 birds in all, everyone with dark black bars and eyes with light blue color had given the idea that they might be the youngsters. 

5 codes of unlike youngster jays. 

In this winter he had begun to take a count and so far there had been 7 jays with the couple which had reproduced