Amazing Paintings Of Manila’s Streets By Watercolors

Philippines’ metropolis, Manila is a place that is mostly used for these creations. The themes that are mostly used are road scenes where Manila streets have a special place in his paintings. He does his creations in the size 21×29 inches, for which he works five hours a day, five days a week, and spends about one and a half months. 

We mostly do not notice the usual things around us, and the specialty in this theme is that it depicts the usual things in an astonishing time. When it comes to watercolors it’s one of the difficult mediums in painting and he chooses them because it shows the soul and character of the subjects and as well as the character in every piece. 

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#1 Guerilla Tabora

#2 Overdrive

#3 Tindera & Palengkeras

#4 Purple Hijab

#5 Tusok Republic

#6 Obrero De Calle Escolta

#7 Trike Delivery

#8 On The Job

#9 Balasenas For Sale

#10 Dirty Ice Cream

#11 Trisiklo At Aluminyo

#12 How’s My Driving?

#13 Plaza Miranda

#14 Owner Trike Jeep

#15 Untitled Motor