Awesome Holiday Gifts For Map Lovers

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Maps have a sense of magic, and you can define it a bit with a name, but you know it exists. They are like a time machine that can transport people from the depths of the Atlantic to space. People are very interested in maps because of this ability. Map lovers or cartophiles are people who are driven by both emotion and imagination. This is because maps force you to think and look at space. If you’re excited about the map or looking for a holiday gift for someone you love to visit, you’re on the right page.

Woodcut Maps For Map Lovers

Awesome Holiday Gifts For Map Lovers

At the time of the discovery, the foremost method of creating maps was carving on wood. Today, technology has enabled humans to create laser-cut maps on wood as a surface. Giving a map lover a gift of a logging map of a particular place, such as the neighborhood or place they currently live in, should show a great mood.

The Man Behind The Maps

If you want to keep a lasting impression, you should get this book from a map lover. The man behind the maps is dedicated to James News, who has created more than 200 maps worldwide. Especially, all the pictures and illustrations printed in this book about the approaches used by News to create maps will be of great interest to any map lover there.

Map Wallpaper


What better way to give map enthusiasts a beautiful map that they can hang on their wall? You can buy a map of the place you like and adjust it according to the dimensions of the wall where the map should go. The only difficulty you have with this gift selection is choosing the map location you like.

Vintage Maps For Map Lovers

Awesome Holiday Gifts For Map Lovers

Although it may seem a bit simple to gift a map girlfriend with a map, the love cartoons for maps allow you to add more to their collection. You can get a map of the vineyard from a map gallery or order it online. Most people seem to like only genuine maps and appreciate nothing else. If you can’t get a vineyard map, you can always get a modern map designed for a vineyard look.

Map-Themed Shower Curtain

Awesome Holiday Gifts For Map Lovers

Many say rain is incredibly therapeutic. And also, it’s time to dump her and move on. Throw in a map-themed shower screen, and you have included the study element to the whole process. So, it’s a cute and thoughtful gift that all map lovers will appreciate.

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