Bicycle Tires Replaced With Circular Saws And Ready For A Ride  On A Iced Lake.

A YouTube channel that’s been successful in surprising people with their mind blowing projects is, The Q, created in 2017 which currently has 11.3 M subscribers. Creating chain mails using coins and making gigantic matches are some of their amazing projects. And now their latest project is something really mind blowing. 

They have been successful in sharing many cool and one of a kind projects and their latest is the replacement of his bicycle tires with circular saws in order to create something that appears strange and really complicated. Though it seems really easy when said it is not. They Had to do some fabrications, in which definitely The Q is brilliant at.

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Scroll and see how fabulous the bike turned out to be.

Idea of The Q’s replacement of bicycle tires with circular saws.

Initial look of the bike used.

New look of the bike after fabrications are done.

Looks like something that appears in a zombie movie.

Ready to try it out on an iced lake.

And it works brilliantly.

See the creation of the amazing circular saw bike.