Boyfriend of the first deaf Strictly star Rose Ayling-Ellis says she’s a ‘badass.’

Boyfriend of the first deaf Strictly star Rose Ayling-Ellis says she's a 'badass.'

East Enders star Rose Ayling-Ellis has been with her boyfriend Samuel for seven years, and the 27-year-old could not help but notice the upcoming appearance of Strictly Come Dancing as her first deaf competitor.

Under favorable terms, “the real villain” clearly does not seem to be in love. However, the fiercely competing Rose Ayling-Ellis boyfriend has been defeated — he will be backing him when the East Enders actress switches to the Wolford dance floor next month.

Rose, better known as Frankie Lewis of BBC Soap, has been dating Samuel Arnold for seven years. The 27-year-old is still set to reach out to her biggest audience as the toughest first deaf competitor.

Samuel, who is not deaf, expressed his love for Rose online and said: “I still see the most fun, beautiful, and super cool girlfriend I have ever asked for “You are a really bad girlfriend.”

Especially, this week Rose posted a video of her and co-star Danny Dyer in East Enders training in sign language. She said: “His deaf consciousness is high. He is walking backward with me. So I can see his face.” Earlier this year, the actress told how she never saw any deaf people on television when she was growing up. “so I never thought it would be possible for me to do that.”

But Rose’s television career blossomed when she accidentally met a deaf director. Charities hope her stern look will be an important opportunity for on-screen representation. They have also called for more deaf actors to appear on television.

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