Burger King Employee Says Her Jeans are a Sign of “Distraction” for woman’s husband.

Burger King

A Burger King employee “Lala” was told that her jeans were too distracting for her husband by a customer. So Lala responded to her in a tiktok.

Lala, who goes by the online handle @rockefeller.o, turned to tiktok to exchange the encounter, in which a woman approached her and expressed her dissatisfaction with her clothing.

Lala said that she had a lady complaining her about her dress which is an absolute distraction to her husband. And in a tiktok Lala described herself while showing her uniform which is as simple as that, a polo shirt and a black trouser.

It’s true that she looks wonderful in her uniform. But as the woman said what else can she wear for work?

Burger King
Lala’s perfect response image: @Rockfeller.o
Burger King
A middle finger to the woman image: @Rockefeller.o


Further she left saying a savage statement, “I guess I’ll leave my a** at home next time.”

As a response to the complain she turned and showed two middle fingers in the very end of the tiktok video she posted. It was to show her thought on the useless complain she got because of her jeans.

On the comments section of the video people were discussing, “what on earth Lala could wear for work,” while some were discussing about, “why was the husband distracted easily?”

Ever seen hotties around Burger king or any other restaurants like he did?

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