Carpets Carved Into The Wooden Floors And More Modern Types Of Carpets

Carpets and rugs have always been present in homes since a long time. But here are some alternative types of carpets and rugs that might catch you off guard. These creations are really creative in blending the classic fabrics into the art forms that its artists present them. 

This right here is an amazing piece of art by a Spanish artist Selva Aparici. It is super detailed as if it’s a real, fabric rug that is laid down on the wooden floor. Thanks to her, now the rug won’t be moving anywhere when the floors are being cleaned. 

Image credits: Selva Aparicio

A permanent, carved rug on an Oakwood floor 

Image credits: Selva Aparicio

She named this specific piece as “childhood memories”. The carefully designed piece of art illustrates the details and the softness of a real rug. She engraved the carving onto the floor to express her emotions of her childhood with her connection to nature that inspired this piece of art in the first place. 

Image credits: Selva Aparicio

The carving skills impressed a lot of people around the world making the photos go viral 

This is one good example of how art can be applied in almost any form and almost on anything to present it. It just takes an artistic eye to figure out how it should be laid put.

The following creations are also few examples that show that artistic creations can vary in mediums or art, but the final result is always beautiful.

Image credits: Faig Ahmed

The partially pixelated rug creates the intended illusion 

Faig Ahmed is an Azerbaijani artist, he created this abstract design on the rug. He is known for his artistic approach on non – contemporary mediums.

Art is not only associated with fabric. Up next is a different type of art. 

Image credits: Alana Jones-Mann

This artist; Alana Jones-Mann, created this wonderful cake as an art which was inspired by Persian rugs that she adores. 

Image credits: Mateo WallPainter

This is a combination of art from the east and the west. Persian rug infused with American wall painting skills; create a smooth and beautiful work of art. 

Image credits: Nguyen La Chanh

Natural rugs can be a different approach in the rug – industry 

Image credits: Joshua Ben Longo

Monster rugs might scare you, but they won’t bite!

Image credits: Giles Miller

Some art forms tend to be placed fluid so that the interaction itself creates the art