Chefs in Philadelphia build a 510-foot cheesesteak.

A Restaurateur in Philadelphia celebrated his birthday by having cooks construct a 510-foot-long cheesesteak.

The proprietor of the Rim Cafe, Rene Kobeitri, got the help of a team of cooks to create a sandwich. The sandwich that more than two blocks long.

He said that he wants it big this year, so arrange a big party for everyone. Bring everyone in the city together. The owner of Geno’s, Geno Vento who is a friend of Kobeitri said that various types of cheesesteak were included in making.

The goal of the team was 480 feet. But they achieved way more than that ending up making a 510 feet long sandwich.

510 feet long cheesesteak
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The cooks also produced pretzels, including an onion-topped pretzel bun with a strong beer cream cheese spread in the middle.

It wasn’t just about the show for the cooks; it was also a nice strategy to bring people together after a difficult period during the pandemic.

The cheesesteak will be filed for a Guinness World Record, but whether it is recognized or not, Kobeitri already has plans to for something else.

Kobeitri said, “Get ready sweetie, the next one is going to be much crazier. And I’m going to make it happen!”

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