Custom Clothes Sewed By Dad For His Little Princess. (15 Pics)

As parents we love to make our kids feel special and happy. This person has found an interesting way to bring a smile on his daughter’s face and make her feel confident. Michael Gardner who is 36 years old has found sewing clothes as his way to make her happy. In 2014 he started to learn sewing as a way to get more bonded with his princess Ava who was 3 years old at that time. He had begun sewing custom designs for his daughter by doing makeovers on thrifted women’s clothing. Later on it has led him to start an  Instagram account and a blog called Daddy Dressed Me.

Gardener had explained in his blog saying that his mission is to help his daughter build her self-esteem and establish confidence in herself and her abilities. He said that he sewed the clothes and Ava modeled them. He has also said that he had learned sewing through trial and error, and also that he had watched tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest and had just started creating. He has about  200 outfits created for her daughter and he has been posting them on Instagram. Their Instagram account currently has about 21K followers.

Scroll down to see Michael Gardner’s amazing outfits for his daughter. 




Michael has written in his blog that he has been creative since he was a kid and has utilized his talents to express himself in so many outlets. He has tried his hand in writing, poetry, room renovations, upcycling furniture, painting, party planning, photography and cooking. When he discovered sewing, the experience has given him a feeling that he has not accomplished in any other craft.




The dad has explained in his blog saying that he appreciates the ability to create a garment that began as an idea in his thoughts and seeing that piece walk the streets either on himself or Ava is an amazing feeling. Being a father is his most important responsibility and what he is most proud of in life. It is a blessing to be able to combine his journey of fatherhood  with his love of creativity while creating memories with his child.




This fathers desire to be a good active parent in his daughter’s life was influenced by his own experiences in his childhood. He had told The Philadelphia Inquirer that he wanted to make sure that she felt confident, that she loved herself, and that she could believe in her abilities, which are all the things that he had struggled with as a kid.

Gardner has also explained to the Philadelphia Inquirer saying that he would physically be standing in front of his dad saying ‘hi’ and his dad had ignored him. And that his dad would cross the street to go up the block and avoid him.