12 Details That Destroy Even The Best Interiors.

The Best Interiors.

There are times when you spend a few hours a day cleaning, but in the end, the place still doesn’t look good. Like so many other things in our lives, it all goes into detail. One little thing can ruin the feel of your home. These are some best interiors for you. 

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A messy table.

messy table

The first and main thing you see when you enter the kitchen is the table board. If there is a lot of it, the place looks cluttered. Plus, the surface is hard to keep clean because you need to move everything around. 0It is better to put everything you can in the drawers and keep the table board as open as possible.

Space under furniture.

space under sofa

It has a lot of dust. But nowadays, there are different types of sweepers and brushes for narrow spaces.

A sink organizer.


Although the sink is clean, the dish soap and sponge organizer make the place look dirty anyway. Inevitably on the sponge, the remaining pieces of food come to the surface and create an environment conducive to the rapid production of bacteria. However, the sponge and sink are not the cleanest places in the house, and the food is still not in good condition.

A bathroom screen.

bathroom curtains

The bathroom is always wet, and it is an excellent place to see bacteria and fungus. We often wash the bath and tile, and we often overlook the screen. Of course, washing is not so difficult. Most curtains are made of washable material. It is best not to let the screen dry out.

House plants.

plants in house

Unfortunately, houseplants are great at collecting dust. So even if the pots are clean, the leaves may still be dirty. Do not forget to clean the leaves from time to time to keep the air in the apartment fresh. In addition, the dust on the leaves interferes with photosynthesis.

Unpleasant odor from the refrigerator.


Sometimes, the food goes bad and leaves an unpleasant odor. The refrigerator is bright and clean, but the smell destroys it all. You can start with simple methods – put a few pieces of lemon inside to absorb the aroma. You can also use baking soda. Put on a small plate and refrigerate for a few hours.

Window gaps.

gaps in the window

If you have ever washed windows, you know how difficult it is to wash all the gaps and corners. You need to bend the fabric to reach all the small threads and cracks. But if you do not do this, the window will not look clean. But fortunately, there are special brushes that help you reach narrow spaces.

Pet food plates.


According to studies, dishwashing sponges contain enough bacteria in pet bowls. They can be dangerous to pets as well as humans. That’s why you should clean your pet’s dishes at least once a day to keep everyone in the house healthy. Also, it is best to disinfect these dishes at least once a week or wash the dishes at very high temperatures.

Skirting boards.


These are often overlooked. They are not floor or window sills and are often dusty as they are pretty difficult to wash. But you can usually see the dust on them. Plus, if you have children in the family, you can easily clean the boards to encourage them to clean. It’s not hard, and it’s fun for them.

Ventilation grates.


Because air is constantly flowing through a mesh, there is a large amount of dust in it. Such a mesh is usually easy to remove, wash and replace. If it is difficult to reach the mesh, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

Not enough storage space.

lack of storage

No matter how perfect your place looks, if chairs, windows, and much more are covered with clothes, it can be a mess. So you need to have a lot of storage space.

Wet towels.

wet towels

When wet towels are lying on top of each other, even if they are folded, sooner or later, they start to stink. In addition, humidity is a very fertile ground for bacteria, especially in the kitchen. It’s better to hang up towels.

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