Different Plans Of White House That Were Rejected

White House

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One of the most acclaimed works in the world is The White House. The then President of the United States, George Washington, ran a contest to select the layout of the Presidential Palace. And the winner of the contest was James Hoben of Ireland. There were several wonderful plans to participate in the competition. And even Thomas Jefferson, later President of the United States, made his point. And also, House Fresh had brought some of the weirdest rejected ideas from the White House in digital form for people to see.

Plan of Jefferson that was rejected.

Different Plans Of White House That Were Rejected

He was then Secretary of State and also a close administrator of the competition. Also, he is an architect and is interested in classical European design. Experts attributed him to a defeated approach called Abraham Force. The real Fawz presented his approach, and Jefferson’s plan, which was given anonymously, was later blamed on Foss for a clerical error. Later, in 1801, Jefferson came to the White House and became President, describing the palace as large enough for two emperors, one pope, and the Grand Lama. He also expanded it and added colonnades and other features to give it its present look.

Plan of Philip Hart

Different Plans Of White House That Were Rejected

Hart is an architect and largely a professional builder. And also, he had plans for both the White House and the Capitol. His plan for the White House echoes his vague capital letter. They did not have the style and sophistication they needed in a building that looked beyond the size, shape, and elegance of the pseudo-Renaissance style and prefabricated tops.

Plan of Andrew Mayfield

Different Plans Of White House That Were Rejected

He was a linguist and former British soldier as well as a teacher. The design he presented reflected the pre-revolutionary war architecture of the American colonial-era Georgian and English-style buildings. The judges were not well acquainted with the design, and according to architectural historian Hugh Howard, his design was a gentlemanly apprentice. This work, which was rejected, may have been the first building he designed.

Plan of Jacob Small

Different Plans Of White House That Were Rejected

He was given four entries to the contest. Author Patrick Phillips-Shrock said the design given by Kuda was inspired by Mount Vernon, which was designed at the time, and the Estate Kingdom House in Washington and the Maryland State House in Annapolis.

Plan of James Diamond

Different Plans Of White House That Were Rejected

He is an Irish architect and builder whose design is set around a rectangular court. He also mentioned that the open courtyard could be transformed into a photo gallery and illuminated from above, which could have a considerable impact. Especially, he was covered with elements such as ionic columns and window frames. But the stairs are not appropriately positioned.

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