Eye Catching Transformations Of Gray Hair By Hair Colorist.- 15 Pics

Gray hair is normal in every human being as they age. Madeleine Preston , a trichologist also says that most women tend to see gray hairs in among their black hair by their 30s, which will increase to cover almost half of the hair by their 50s. Similar to wrinkles and silver flocks, gray hair is also a part of aging and its nothing to worry about.

Being a strict believer of the fact that nothing is wrong with gray hair; Jack Martin, a celebrity colorist had been trying to prove that gray hair doesn’t go out of style for the past few years. He has figured out an amazing way that makes his customers quit dye gradually and he has been posting before-after pictures of these beautiful transformations showing how amazing they look. Scroll down to see some amazing transformations. 

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Jack had explained on his Instagram account that this process starts with a color extractor to remove any remaining artificial color on hair, then he bleaches the rest of the hair preserving the gray roots, readying them for the new color.

The next part is the most important and crucial part where he applies the new color in the hair’s natural gray pattern. Customers should come with 3-4 inches of gray hair grown as Jack can figure out the natural coloring of their hair and then transform the entire color in the same pattern.


Martin told Allure that some of his clients have salt and pepper mostly in front and the back is darker, so he matches that and adds some darkness to it. After about ten hours the women leave his salon enjoying their new look.

He is a LA-based colorist who has worked with many well-known clients like Sharon Osbourne, Jane Fonda and others. He has explained that the lockdown has “absolutely” led more women around the world to like this natural gray look.


Martin said many women have four to five inches of new regrowth and started to see how beautiful their gray hair is naturally.  Also he has said that being quarantined at home for months, seeing beautiful their gray hair is, many women have changed their minds and decided that they want to go this way.