Ghost Warns The Ghost-hunters To Get Out Of The Cave.

Ghost Warns Them The Ghost-hunters To Get Out Of The Cave.

Ever seen a Ghost?

The company did not expect Tony and Beth Ferguson to visit a 300-year-old cave during a visit to Cornwall, but they say several other secular guests joined them.

Anyone who has watched the classic action thriller Poltergeist will never forget the moment when the family is forced to flee their home because of the horrible spirit of acceptance.

But when one couple went to a historic place and was warned by a ghost scene to ‘go’, they had their terrible moment.

As Tony and Beth Ferguson were walking alone through a 300-year-old cave, an evil voice came out of nowhere and told them to ‘get out.’

When they went back to the Cornglass Caverns at Liscard in Cornwall earlier this month and looked back at what they had captured on camera, they realized they weren’t just listening to things.

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Tony and Beth Ferguson were walking along the walls of Carnglaze Caverns in Liskeard, Cornwall

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They say two ghosts are caught in the movie chasing them, and the video also shows a little girl saying ‘hello’ and a bloodied voice.

They say one scene also told them to leave.

Many couples will pet their skins when they see and hear such things. Still, fortunately, Fergusons are accustomed to walking in ghosts – the couple in New Forest, Hampshire, is extremely mysterious activity hunters during their leisure time.

the spirit on the camera

Tony, 42, a personal trainer, said: “I have been to several ghost locations in the UK and worldwide. But this place surprised me.

“We had no record of this being a haunted place, and we’re here now.

“As we moved around, I felt like there was something behind us. I usually carry my cameras with me, so I started to put them around. I could not believe what we were able to capture.

“Somewhere, this white mist seemed to stop and adjust before it flew in front of me and disappeared.

“We hear voices all the time, but the most ridiculous thing is when we hear a voice saying ‘go out.”

The couple accidentally stumbled across artificial caves more than 300 years ago and before being used by the Royal Navy to store rum during World War II.

Ferguson cameras and cat balls light up only when touched, and they capture the two ghosts on film.

“I do not expect to make so much money from this trip. We have done other mysterious research on Bodmin Moor. This should be something more intimate,” Tony added.

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