Good Men Still Exist – I’m Lucky Enough To Have One

Men are often not so good at expressing their feelings. Especially, it is difficult to understand precisely what they feel. Such people allow their actions to speak louder than their words.

Good Men Still Exist - I'm Lucky Enough To Have One

He loves his partner not for who they are but for who they are

As the world prefers surface beauty to inner beauty, some people think more about what they see than about who they see. But good men who truly love are a bit of an exception. They embrace their partners in every way. They have loved the whole hammer. Including all the shortcomings and imperfections they have; They want nothing more than to support their partner’s dreams.

He wants to know your opinion.

Your idea is always worth it to them. He will listen to whatever you have to say. Whether it’s something extremely political or a hot stance on religion or any color to paint the bedroom, he always likes to hear your stuff.

He is confident enough to let you live your own life.

Good Men Still Exist - I'm Lucky Enough To Have One

He will never worry about you living your own life in your way. If a man truly loves you, whether he is your friend or the people you work with, you do not mind spending time with others.

He protects his partner.

They always protect their partners and make sure that physical and mental abuse never comes to their loved one. They do not think twice before risking their lives to protect their partner. Also, they never intentionally hurt them.

A good man goes out of his way for you.

Good Men Still Exist - I'm Lucky Enough To Have One

He is willing to go out of his way for you. A man in love will almost always give up anything he does for his partner. This means walking around the city to get something you forgot to buy the other day or leaving a party early because it’s not easy for you to attend.

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