5 Habits that prevent you from being happy.

Habits that prevent you from being happy.

The best way to achieve happiness is to get rid of things that no longer serve us. Happiness is a choice, not a condition. If something makes us unhappy, we have self-control that breaks our habits and makes us feel good about them. Especially, happiness is extremely personal and unique to each person. But psychology and science professionals have found what can prevent anyone from leading their happiness. According to science, these five habits prevent you from being happy.

Focus on the negative.

Dr. Seligman, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, is a pioneer in the study of happiness. Seligman’s research shows that participating in behaviors that provoke anything negative can prevent a person from being happy. This includes listening to negative people, gossiping, engaging in negative self-talk, and engaging in negative media. To create a happy environment. When you start to change your attitude, your life starts to change. There is no benefit to being negative. When you are negative, it shows in your body language, and it does not achieve success.


Dr. Robert A., of the University of California, Davis. Emmans and Dr. Michael E. Schmidt of the University of Miami. McCullough points out that when we give or give gratitude, we get a bigger chemical reaction. So, maybe on your journey towards personal development and self-improvement, don’t be afraid to look. There are people and places around you who support you. Show gratitude and sponsor. As we know, gratitude is a great way to add benefits to your life. On the other hand, it opens the door to more relationships, improves physical and mental health, improves self-esteem, increases mental strength, and reduces aggression. We may have desires that can be easily achieved, but greed that cannot be satisfied in our ability leads to a miserable life. 

Inconsistent schedule.

This is especially hard for staff with a free spirit to hear “I will fly it.” Yet, the data suggest that following a slightly more structured schedule or routine 4-6 days a week can lead to a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. Remember the warning “did not come” and when you woke up late to school or work? Feelings of stress and urgency did not seem to wear off throughout the day. Life can be easier once you get on a good schedule. You will have more peace and free time when you plan and follow a personal daily routine.


According to Anita Kelly, Ph.D., author, and professor of psychology, lying can make you emotionally and physically ill and not achieve your true desires. To say that you have done something you did not do, agree to go to a place where you know you are not, or keep a promise to you – everything is a lie. The worst part of lying is that they usually lie more. It takes courage to be risky and genuine. The truth you are hiding is whether it is negative or positive. Easier to bear when you are no longer alone.

Holding grudges.

We are all injured and may be injured again. So why should you hold a grudge and prolong your suffering? According to the Mayo Clinic, quarrels can take place. 

  • Other Increased risks of bitterness in other relationships
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Loss of value in connecting with others

It’s not really about them, and it’s about you. Furthermore, there will never be a time when life is more straightforward. There is always time to get used to accepting it. Allows every moment to feel peaceful. And Especially your happiness is nobody else’s responsibility but your own.