Happiest Moment Of The World Loved Disney Characters By Russian Artist

Disney Characters are loved all over the world, among all the Disney princesses are most loved. In spite of receiving less remakes by the artists from around to keep the hearts of the fans. They’ve been displayed in different ways like as plus-size, rebellious and edgy, modern and also as real people. But this Russian artist Oksana Pashchenko has shown something else, she has demonstrated the happy life of the loved Disney princesses and also the villains were given this happy moment. 

One of the happiest and special days of life, the wedding day of the loved characters were drawn by the artist. She had even drawn the parents of the characters, there were even the parents that we didn’t see on screen. She had drawn them lightly as transparent to show that they were no longer with them.

The artist Pashchenko has been famous on Instagram for her incredible creations on the Disney characters which were not shown on screen. She earlier had done creations of pregnant princesses with princes as dads and also princesses as moms nowadays with their loving babies. 

Scroll and see your loved Disney characters on their special day. 

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#1 Maleficent 

Bride Maleficent with Ursula, Cruella, and Evil Queen as her bridesmaids. 

#2 Belle 

Princess Belle with dad Maurice and late mom. 

#3 Ursula 

Bride Ursula with her bridesmaids Maleficent, Cruella and Evil Queen 

#4 Ariel 

Princess Ariel and her parents King Triton and Queen Athena. 

#5 Cinderella 

 Princess Cinderella with her late parents. 

#6 Cruella 

Cruella with her bridesmaids Ursula, Maleficent and Evil Queen 

#7 Aurora 

Princess Aurora with her parents King Stefan and Queen Leah.