TikToker Explains How To Make Friends With A Simple Explanation.

As we know, friends are a big part of our lives, and we had a few friends when we went to school. But as you grow older and grow older, you will notice that we have a group of smaller and smaller friends we grow older. Nowadays, numbers can surprise you when comparing them to the numbers you had when you went to school. 

This is the fewer friends we all face, the harder it is to make new friends. Recently a woman posted a TikTok asking how to make new friends, and the answer video went viral explaining how to do it with a straightforward approach. Scroll down to see the full story below.

Image credits: Greg Walters

This woman previously posted a Tik Tok asking how to make new friends as an adult.


In response to this TikTok, another user responded by commenting. This explanation is so simple but true that this video started to go viral.

how adults make friends

The way he broke, it was straightforward. Human social behavior and psychology work in amazing ways. We get tired and try to push it to someone to be our friend and often fail. But the main thing here is to make yourself and the other person comfortable by getting used to it, which usually does not happen overnight. He suggests making it a habit of your day to visit a group of people regularly. When you get used to it, you automatically become friends.