I Slit Papers Into Thousands Of Tiny Pieces To Design Sculptures Of Birds, Bees And Other Creatures

During the past 18 years Lisa Lloyd had an exciting career. She was employed as an animator, directed and owned music videos and also was the creative director of an animation company in London. She gained a huge life experience through these activities and she also learnt a lot about herself.  She mainly understood that she missed designing work on her own. Hence she decided to step back  from using technology and give herself some free time. 

She started to make designs out of paper around 6 years back and still now during her leisure time she creates things out of papers while she continues her work on graphic design and animation projects. Her first creation was a 2D hummingbird, she expressed that she adored working with paper. This entire experience made her feel really calmed and apparently it felt like meditating to her. 

As time passed by she became fortunate to join as a member of Paper Artist Collective, a global group of highly talented paper artists.  There she began to try out 3 – dimensional models and test herself with more difficult designs.

Her initial real break came from Waitrose magazine in the UK.  She was told to create a paper blue tit for the cover. It was an actual challenge for her to work on how to design and create the wings. She had to find many images of a flying blue tit from different angles as much as possible in order to create this.

Generally it takes around 5 days to create one of the models. For creating the blue tit’s feathers all work was hand cut and fringed by her, the body was created out of hundreds of hand- cut pieces of paper. Two of her creations, a chameleon and a bee, were roughly made out of 600 hand cut paper triangles. 

Mother nature was Lisa Lloyd’s major inspiration to perform this work. She appreciated all patterns, symmetry, colour, geometry, texture and all details in nature. Then she tries to link and modernize it by taking insight from the design world such as fashion, interiors and graphic design. Her wish is to merge these two amazing factors and create something brand new and extraordinary.

In present she’s creating a sequence of insects inspired by fashion designers and Victorian  entomological illustrations.

Her first model was a bee which was inspired from the latest Mary Karantzou “resort 2018” collection, Lisa Lloyd loved the way she used designs, colours and textures to put out amazing and inspiring work. Hence Liza Lloyd too choosed to go for an extract pattern using gold, pink and blue for creating the bee.

Her next project will probably be a stag beetle with some vibrant colours. And she believes that she’s in early stages of design. 

More info: lisalloyd.net | Instagram