If the Titanic sank today, this is what would happen.

If the Titanic sank today, this is what would happen.

About 110 years ago, the Titanic, then declared the largest ship, landed. The voyage of the Titanic may have been spectacular, but it was a disaster. The Titanic claimed more than 1,500 lives, and the tragedy was an inspiration to many works of art. But most importantly, it did not repeat the history of the voyage. What will happen if the Titanic sank today?

We found out that what would happen if the Titanic sank now. Let’s see how will the things

Why Did The Titanic Sink?

Before answering the main question, that is, what would happen if the Titanic sank today? Let us first find out why it sank first. If you think, “Well, it sank because it crashed into an iceberg,” you are right, but there was a definite sequence of events that helped the Titanic escape this accident. 

1. It all happened so fast.

titanic sinks

According to official data, the Titanic’s speed was 25.3 miles per hour in the last few hours before the crash. It is not obvious that why the ship was moving so fast. However, some researchers say that the captain of the Titanic, Edward J. Smith, said he wanted to overtake another ship, the Olympic, the Titanic’s older sister, and sail it at once. So even though they knew they were sailing through an area of ​​ice, the Smith Titanic was moving very fast. Speed ​​became, in many ways, the reason for the ship’s escape from the collision.

2. The radio operators ignored the warnings.

staff ignores warnings
Image credits: tycico.cz

Before the iceberg appeared, the Titanic was receiving radio signals announcing the iceberg. But they were ignored by the operators because they work for a telecommunications company and are busy transmitting messages to passengers.

3. The staff did not have binoculars.


The collision also happened suddenly because the crab cage crew did not have a telescope. Second Officer David Blair stored the keys to the binoculars. Blair disembarked from the Titanic in Southampton and did not hand over the keys to another officer. So the crew was left with no tools to see the iceberg coming. Officer Blair spared the keys as a souvenir, and in 2007 they were sold at auction.

4. Lifeboats were not enough.

no lifeboats

The Titanic had only 20 boats, but it was not big enough to carry all the passengers and crew. That number was less than the capacity of the ship. Since the Titanic did not have enough lifeboats, the crew feared that the Davids would not support them all. As an outcome, more than 1,500 people were left stranded on a lifeboat.

What About Contemporary Ships?

1. Today, the Titanic has enough lifeboats to carry every passenger.

presently titanic have a large amount of lifeboats to carry people

The tragedy of the Titanic had a profound effect on maritime policy. One of the essentials was concerning lifeboats. Since 1914 the British and American Boards of Inquiry have had 100% lifeboats for passengers and enough crew. This requirement is also stated in the International Convention for the Conservation of Marine Life.

2. The Titanic will often receive ice block warnings.

titanic will receive warnings

In 1912, immediately after the Titanic crashed, the U.S. government passed the Radio Act. With the support of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, the Act required the operation of radio communications 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on passenger ships. Also, the Act requires the ship to receive all signals received from neighboring ships.

3. Locked binoculars are no longer an issue.

binoculars are not an issue

At present, modern ships are equipped with advanced scanners and radar. These radars use a rotating antenna to propagate the microwave and detect ships, land, and other objects around the vessel. Radar helps ships to receive early warning of a potential collision.


everyone would be taking photos of the sinking titanic
Image credits: Youtube.com

So, as you can see, if the Titanic was built in 2021, it would have a lower risk of sinking. So, it means that you will feel safe on a modern ship if you decide to go on a voyage. In an extraordinary case, when the radar fails and no one gets the signal on your ship, you will most likely find a comfortable place in a lifeboat, and the accident will be broadcast live on your social media. 

Did you know the real reasons for the sinking of the Titanic? Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Titanic were built today?