Jennifer Aniston’s Ornament for the 2020 Pandemic.

Jennifer Aniston's Ornament for the 2020 Pandemic.

A Christmas Ornament was uploaded as an Instagram story by Jennifer Aniston on Friday to her 36M followers which created a hell of a mess. It was a wooden ornament with a quote saying “Our first pandemic 2020.” But people were more annoyed than impressed. 

The ornament was claimed to be Tone-deaf by people and there was a comment liked 556k times which said  “Jennifer please” read one retweet. Some people thought that the “Friends” star had the intention of celebrating the pandemic with the ornament but many stepped forward to defend her.

Since the argument is flaming regarding this small piece of ornament, it is confirmed that Jennifer uploaded saying no caption along with the controversial post. Most importantly there was no clue that the owner of the ornament is Jennifer. After all, in times of the pandemic, Jennifer has been a keen supporter of health and safety, so this is not a common thing for her. 

Image credits: Jennifer Aniston

This is the Christmas ornament which people are talking about 

Even Though it is not clear that the ornament is owned by her it can cause such backlash. 

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Twitter user Kaz said, she laughed at first,” Firstly, I even thought that it was fake” and then she Jennifer’s Instagram story featured by the covid themed ornament wrote a caption saying “I’ve had enough of rich people”, the tweet of Kaz got retweeted 70K times and liked 469K times. 

“People’s assumptions are divided. It’s not just a joke, even I myself am a fan of satire but it’s simply a whole different thing when a celebrity makes a joke, someone partially affected by the pandemic. 

Kaz further said Since wealthy people do have enough money they don’t have to be afraid of being jobless. “They live in their huge houses, they can still travel, be unbothered, and can even afford medical treatments. In relation, some people can’t even afford face masks.