The Annual Journey Of A Herd Of Elephants Is About 300 Miles.

The Annual Journey Of A Herd Of Elephants Is About 300 Miles.

It is a known fact that herds of elephants go a long way in finding food. But the herd of 15 elephants has traveled about 500 km. Once they left the wildlife reserve in China, they walked through villages and even urban areas. They did not harm anyone or themselves, and they ate only food that might not have been theirs. It is unclear why the herd went so far past these unconventional places rather than sticking out and in the woods. During their long journey, these Asian elephants decided to sleep around Kunkin in China. See below how they were captured on a camera lens and the rest of this story.

Herd of elephants
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Especially, experts have no specific explanation for this behavior. They say it could be due to urbanization, climate change, and deforestation. And also, elephants need a large area to roam and feed. When urbanization cuts off their land, they have no choice but to leave their lands and find other options.

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While this particular herd of elephants does not harm property or lives other than some food and crops, others are likely to protect their natural habitat. Many human and animal lives have been lost over the years due to these problems. As a responsible species on this earth, we must be careful not to push any animal out of their homes by destroying them for greedy purposes. Please share your thoughts with us and watch this video about this herd.