Mom Gave Birth to a Big Son, “It Took Two People to Lift Him Out.”

Mom Gave Birth to a Big Son, "It Took Two People to Lift Him Out."

Mum Amy Smit with her new born big son tot Zagry weighing nearly double that of the normal infant  was left speechless after giving birth. His parents now hope he will grow up to be a rugby star. Amy Smit is still 27 years old.

big son
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With having no appetite during her pregnancy, a lady gave birth to a newborn boy who was so large. She stated that it “required two people to lift him out.”

She delivered her big son on May 25 in the hospital Cheddington, Bucks.

Zeik, her kid, weighed a massive 12.9 pounds and stood two feet tall.

His parents said that he’s so large that the weighing scales were too small for him.

Amy is also a mother of two children, she had a two year old daughter, Lola.

Two year old Lola
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big son
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The nurses had difficulties in handling him because he’s almost two feet long.

When the nurses lifted him for his parents to see the mom’s first words were, ‘b***** hell.’

His parents knew he’s going to be a big boy because of the previous scans. He was a big boy in the scans. But they never thought he’s going to be this big.

According to the BBC, the average birth weight of a newborn boy in the United Kingdom is around 7lb 8oz.

She also said that they bought three month clothes to the child because they knew he’s going to be a big boy but he was bigger than that. So his father had to bring six month clothes for him.

Zagry's parents: Amy Swit
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She stated, ” “I’d run out of food. I didn’t care for any meals and couldn’t eat meat or anything else.

“I couldn’t stop eating throughout my first pregnancy with Lola because I couldn’t stop munching.”

Baby Zagry
Baby Zagrys Smit image credits: Amy Smit /

He’s probably going to be a Rugby star! Viral9 got some more cool weird news coming up so keep us notified. Thank you!