Octopus Attacks Woman Who Tried To Eat It While It Was Still Alive.

Seaside Girl Little Seven is a live-streaming host. This girl posts her clips daily where she can have fun with seafood. This time, she wanted to be more popular, so she tried something different. While these scenes are as pervasive on the internet as the predatory version of Game of Thrones, it is safe to say that this is not the attention Seaside Girl Little Seven needs. Octopus Attacks Woman while she tries to eat it alive.

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Octopus Attacks Woman

The video is only 50 seconds long, but it has been shared by many. According to the video, she fights with an octopus while eating it alive. The octopus appears to have tried to protect herself from sticking to her face with the suckers.

She tries to eat the octopus alive

The woman groaned in pain as she desperately tried to remove the animal’s tentacles from her face.

octopus caught her

Her face was largely disfiguring in the process, but eventually, the octopus began to leave.

painful moment of the girl when octopus attacked her

According to her Kuaishou account, Seaside Girl Little Seven lives in Lianyungang, and she loves seafood.

cut on her face due to octopus attack

She started her live channel about two weeks ago and ate various cooked seafood, including lobster and crayfish.

she cries after octopus attacked her

But no matter how short her career, the Seaside Girl Little Seven has already complained about not getting enough attention. “Why [have] none of my clips ended up on the trending topics chart?” She reportedly said that in an earlier clip.

she says she'll eat it next time

Below is the video of the “Octopus Attacks Woman.”

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