On Father’s Day, Influencer Kate Hudson’s Two-Year-Old Daughter Dies.

On Father's Day, Influencer Kate Hudson's Two-Year-Old Daughter Dies.

Influencer Kate Hudson shared her heartbreak with her followers when it was revealed that her little girl Eliza had died on Father’s Day after battling invasive cancer.

Image courtesy: katehudson007/Instagram

Influencer Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson pays her tribute to the 2-year-old daughter dying on Father’s day

Kate Hudson paid tribute to her little girl after her death on Father’s Day.

The influencer shared with her fans that her daughter, Eliza, lost the battle with “invasive” cancer.

Kate and her boyfriend, Chance Moore, publicly mourned their young child in an emotional, social media post.

The couple, who hail from Ohio, had documented their little girl’s health struggle in Tiktok.

Kate wrote: “My sweet girl, I do not know how we can move forward without you. I know we promised you we would act as brave as you.

But we are broken. You know, you will no longer suffer.”

Kate and his daughter
Kate sharing her moments with her little daughter

“I thought we knew you were going to die, so your death didn’t feel so sudden, but it did.”

“I woke up in the morning and was still half asleep and came to your hand, but you were not there. You left last night in a van that took you. I wanted to run after you.”

Kate and Chance had shared Eliza's health battle on TikTok

Kate-Hudson's daughter
Eliza had an aggressive form of cancer

“But I could not. I should have to accept this new reality, but I’m not ready to go to you. I do not think I’m ready to move on and do not know where your soul went when you left your little body.”

Blogger Kate added: “I want to believe that you are somewhere with my dad and sister …. and your sister … all the loved ones you have ever met.

“I want to make sure you’re all together, dancing in the meadow or swinging on the trees or walking somewhere near the beach with the saltwater of the ocean washing over your fingers.

“I want to believe that your soul has transferred to us, your mother and your father. You have left your little body and are softly attached to our souls.

she died on father's day
She died when she was just 2 years old

“We’re committed to life now. I want to believe you’re still alive somewhere.”

The moving position continued: “I would like to believe that I will wake up from this nightmare, and you will hold our hands. Telling us is just a bad dream.”

The couple had set up a GoFound page to fund the fight against cancer before their daughter lost her life.

It said: “Eliza has been battling a very rare and invasive cancer called a Rhabdoid Tumor for ten months. She has undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and studied drugs to help her fight.”