‘Pettiest neighbor ever’ sends next-door a indifference-aggressive gardening message

'Pettiest neighbor ever' sends next-door a indifference-aggressive gardening message

‘The Prettiest Neighbor Ever’ Sends A Message Of Indifference-Aggressive Home Gardening To An Adjoining House.

A photo of Reddit appears to have captured a classic British neighborhood dispute, with some calling it a great example of ‘traditional British minority.’

You can not choose who will live next door – so when you sign a mortgage agreement and carry the keys to your new pad, you can expect only the best.

In a perfect world, your neighbor will invite you for a cup, remind you to check out the cats when you go on vacation, and put out your dishes on Tuesdays.

But sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to live close to the perfect neighbor – and neighborhood conflicts come in every form.

From noise complaints to parking conflicts, it is not uncommon to get into a fight with the person next to you.

The dispute between two neighbours
Image credits: Reddit

But a Reddit poster seems to have found the best example of the ‘British minority’ in a neighborhood dispute displayed in one photo.

Two houses have a sidewalk with iron gates right next to the wall. On the other side is a beautiful, perhaps slightly dirty lawn, with a beautiful tree, on the border of the next-door drive. 

But the house next to the tree seems to have become a place in a row among the neighbors. On closer inspection, the tree is completely shaved off the iron gates of the house.

Just as a perfectly straight line is cut between the two runways, the fertile tree is completely cut off on the other side – where it jumps onto the neighbor’s property.

The photo was posted under the headline “Some Traditional Britons have a little bit of a show.” And has been liked by more than 30,000 people who are speculating on the exact dispute between the two houses.

One Reddit user commented: “The cast-iron gate sets it up. I feel like I know exactly the guy.”

Another said they had experienced something similar to that of a neighbor in the past.

The user wrote: “He asked if I could cut the Ivy in front of my house. I said no. He tried to do it when I thought I came out.”

After an exchange between the couple, the loving neighborly relationship was shattered forever, and they have only talked about Ivy ever since.

When he was selling the house, the user said that his busy neighbor went ahead and somehow cut the ivory.

There seems to be no loss of love between these neighbors.